Knitting all over

9, January 2009

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There is more to knitting than we think about it.
Although its history goes only back to the renascence, knitting is behold as an ancient craft. This is due to it’s history being roughly documented or maybe just because knitting is so simple. In fact that is the motive why, contrary to other crafts, the guilds could not hide knitting techniques for long. Knitting didn’t depend on specialized tools and knowledge, like glass blowing or metalwork, all you need is needles, yarn and two hands. The people learned it and took it home for their personal use. This easiness is also the reason why knitting is so popular and the most social of the crafts. No handicraft has spread so fast through the internet in the last years. A meeting site like has it’s largest communities in knitting groups. Although, from what I could gather, is the real new internet experience for knitters. It’s a knitting database and a social site. There you can find original patterns, contact the designers, show work but also find out who knitted what with this specific yarn.
Looking for new experiences and forms of expression, knitting goes to the streets covering statues and traffic signs. But is it still knitting or did it become a tool of urban art? This article from covers some of the guerrilla knitting projects out there but if you are really interested in knowing more about it, I recommend Rose White’s talk “The history of guerrilla knitting”, at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress.

Some works with “knitting”:


“Tree Cozy” by Carol Hummel.




The Gas Station Project” Jennifer Marsh



“American Flags” Toy Soldiers


The Knitting Drummer


One Response to “Knitting all over”

  1. disquogirl77 Says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I’ve seen the tree one before. It’s awesome! I need to learn how to knit. I have needles and definitely plenty if yarn!

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